Since 1988, Bread & Roses Housing has been a leading provider of sustainable homes and affordable homeownership opportunities to low-income families in Greater Lawrence. Named after the massive “Bread and Roses Strike” organized by Lawrence millworkers in 1912, BRH embodies the hope, economic justice, and human dignity that the workers struggled to achieve.

With our comprehensive, personalized approach, BRH provides qualified first-time home buyers with the opportunity to purchase a home and the skills to be a successful homeowner. Our land trust model provides a strong foundation for the future, not only for families, but for the community as a whole. By creating housing opportunities and preserving them in perpetuity, BRH empowers individuals and families, and stabilizes neighborhoods.

Our programs include the acquisition of property and the development of new housing opportunities for low income families; long-term family support services for Bread & Roses Housing homeowners and their children; outreach to and education of residents in need of affordable housing; collaboration with partners and professionals in the service of community improvement; and advocacy efforts which give voice to the needs of the community and champion creative responses to the housing concerns of those most in need.